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Z+ security - Shanmugam IAS academy in coimbatore
Z+ security


What’s in news?

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh continued to have Z plus security.

Key data:

  • Former prime Minister Manmohan Singh, will be given Z+ security – one of the highest to be given by one of the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs), preferably by the CRPF.
  • Around 35 commandos will provide round-the-clock security to him under the changed set-up. 

Tiers of security cover:

  • Depending on the threat perception to the person, the category is divided into four tiers: Z+ (highest level), Z, Y and X. 
  • Individuals under this security blanket include the President, Vice-President, Prime-Minister, Supreme Court and High Court Judges, Service Chiefs of Indian Armed Forces, Governors of State, Chief Ministers and Cabinet Ministers.
  • Special security group- it contains an elite squad of 3000 personel.
  • Currently Prime Minister, Modi, congress president -Sonia Gandhi, her children Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi vadra are given protection by SPG.
    • Z+ category has a security cover of 55 personnel [Including 10+ NSG Commando] + [Police Personnel]. They are armed with Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine guns and modern communication equipment, and each member of the team is adept in martial arts and unarmed combat skills. Currently 17 VIPs are provided with such protection.
    • Z category has a security cover of 22 personnel [Including 4 or 5 NSG Commando] + [Police Personnel]. The ‘Z’ category entails security cover by the Delhi police or the ITBP or CRPF personnel and one escort car
    • Y category has a security cover of 11 personnel [Including 1 or 2 Commando] + [Police Personnel]. The ‘Y’ category encompasses two personal security officers (PSOs) and the ‘X’ category, one PSO
    • X category has a security cover of 2 personnel [No Commando, Only Armed Police Personnel]



What’s in news?

The Nyuntam Aay Yojana (NYAY) or minimum income guarantee scheme, is set to make its first appearance in Chhattisgarh.

Key data:

  • The Chhattisgarh government is likely to launch a pilot project for the scheme.
  • NYAY was the corner stone of the Congress campaign with the slogan — Ab Hoga Nyay (now there will be justice). The Congress manifesto guaranteed a sum of Rs.72,000 per annum to the poor.
  • In the run up to the election NYAY, was variously referred to as a “surgical strike” on poverty, a “diesel for the engine of Indian economy” and “remonetising the economy” through the scheme.
  • The Chhattisgarh pilot promises to Rs.72000 per annum to 20% of the poorest families of the State.
  • The project   will begin as a pilot project in a small area at first.
  • It is believed that, in the current economic scenario NYAY becomes even more relevant to inject financial fluidity.

Objective of NYAY Scheme:

  • NYAY aims at providing the rural population, basic level of support that will free them up from worrying about mere survival.
  • The objective is to provide monetary support to the rural population to be able to think about other things like health, education and whole bunch of other things.

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