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Forest fire


What’s in news?

  • 26 fire fighters in china, were dead during the operation, in the remote mountains.
  • And recently, the Mudumalai reserve forest and the regions in Namakkal also got the wildfire which made risk to our environment.


  • A wildfire is simply an uncontrolled fire that is wiping out large fields and areas of land. It is typically fires that started out of a lightning strike, or people carelessly starting it, or accidentally, or even arson, that went un-noticed and got out of hand. These fires sometimes burn for days and weeks. They can wipe out an entire forest and destroy almost every organic matter in it.

Causes for wildfire:

  • There are two causes for wildfire. They are;
  • Man-Made causes: Lit the fire, throwing of cigarettes carelessly in the forest area zone, logging, mining etc.,
  • Natural causes: climate change and global warming are trigger the wildfire.

The emitted greenhouse gases trap the heat from the atmosphere. When the temperature get warmer, the evaporation process will undergo. If the moisture content from the land, soil get absorbed through evaporation, then the land become dry and susceptible to fire.

  • Drier Conditions, High Temperature, Duration, Severity are the main causes for the wildfire.
  • The high temperature, creates a favourable condition for the pest to live long. The warmer temperature produces a condition to breed more, which results in faster reproduction of pest.
  • The forest fire is good for the health of an ecosystem, if it is in the limit. If the limits get breached naturally or artificially, this results in
  • Risk to human life, human health, property and infrastructure
  • Kill Flora and fauna directly
  • Loss of habitat
  • Contribution to greenhouse gases
  • Release of carbon enormously
  • The region with humid, forested areas, boreal region in the northern hemisphere extends through Alaska, Canada, Scandinavia, Russia regions are vulnerable to wildfire.
  • Some dry grasslands are at less risk. This is because of the less intense aridity. If a land has less aridity, it won’t be a favourable condition for the growth of the grasses. If the grass is not available, then there is no fodder for the fire to spread.

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