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Water crisis - Shanmugam IAS academy in coimbatore
Water crisis


What’s in news?

  • With the arrival of the monsoon getting delayed, Maharashtra’s dams are left with only 6.61% of the total capacity of water, which faces severe water crisis.
  • And the PM Modi, writes to village chiefs to save the rain water.

Key data’s:

  • Eight of the nine major dams in the Marathwada region have gone dry.
  • According to data from the Water Resources Department,
    • The Amaravati division has 6.38% of its capacity compared to 11.67% in the corresponding period last year.
    • The Nagpur division, the availability is 5.68% as against 11.56% in 2018.
    • The Nasik and the Pune divisions are left with 4.98% and 6.2% water respectively compared to 14.98% and 19.61% last year.
    • The Konkan region however has 25.41% water in its dams against 34.13% last year.
    • Eight out of nine major dam projects in the Aurangabad division are left with no water as of now.
  • Except for the Konkan division, water availability in the remaining five divisions has dropped to single digit. The Aurangabad division which covers Marathwada is the worst affected, with only 0.53% of its total capacity.
  • Correspondingly, the number of tankers deployed across the State has increased to 6,597.
  • As per data from the Water Supply and Sanitation department, 5,243 villages and 11,293 hamlets are being supplied water using tankers.
  • Questions have been raised over the extraordinary large number in Beed and Ahmednagar district and an inquiry has been ordered to check whether there are any irregularities.

PM Modi writes about water crisis:

  • Concerned about the water crisis in rural areas, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has written a personal letter to gram pradhans (village chiefs) requesting them to conserve rainwater.
  • In several rural belts, the PM’s letter has become a talking point. For instance, at Sonbhadra near Mr. Modi’s constituency in Varanasi, the letter has been delivered to 637 village chiefs, requesting them to make personal efforts to encourage people to start conserving rainwater.
  • The PM has also suggested construction of check dams and ponds for proper harvesting of rainwater.

There are some advantages of rainwater harvesting:

  • Conserves water to meet future water demand.
  • Maintain groundwater TDS/Salinity level.
  • Increase in groundwater table reduces the pumping cost and saves energy.
  • Rainwater is clean. Therefore, it can be used directly after minimal treatment.
  • If rainwater is harvested, less storm water is generated. Means no overflow of sewers and less water pollution.


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