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VRP Awards - Shanmugam IAS academy in coimbatore
VRP Awards


What’s in news?

Labour & Employment Minister gives away Vishwakarma Rashtriya Puraskar & National Safety Awards 2017.

Key data’s:

  • Labour and Employment Minister Santosh Kumar Gangwar today gave away the Vishwakarma Rashtriya Puraskar & National Safety Awards for the Year 2017 in New Delhi.
  • Vishvakarma Rashtriya Puruskar award was given to 28 awardees and National Safety awards was won by 81 awardees.
  • Vishvakarma Rashtriya Puruskar award was previously known as Shram Vir National Awards.
  • Both the awards were given since 1965 by Labour Ministry.

Vishvakarma Rashtriya Puruskar (VRP):

VRP is given to recognize the person of outstanding suggestions given by a worker or group of workers and implemented by the management during the previous calendar year resulting improvement in quality, productivity and working conditions such as safety, health and environmental conservation in the industrial undertakings where “Suggestion Schemes” are in operation.

For VRP award;

The person would receive a cash prize and a certificate of merit in three categories such as Class A, Class B, Class C.

  • Class A – Five Awards of Rs. 75,000/-
  • Class B – Eight Awards of Rs. 50,000/- 
  • Class C – Fifteen Awards of Rs. 25,000/- 

National Safety Awards (NSA):

  • NSA will be given to recognize the outstanding safety performance of industrial establishments, construction sites, ports and installations under Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) to stimulate and maintain the interests of both the management and the workers in accident prevention programmes.
  • The awardees get a shield and a merit certificate.

Directorate General, Factory Advice and Labour Institutes (DGFASLI): 

  • Parent Ministry:It is an attached office of the Union Ministry of Labour & Employment.
  • Objective:To assists the Ministry in formulating national policies on occupational safety and health in factories and docks.
  • Headquarters:
  • It operates the following awards of the Ministry of Labour & Employment.


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