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Vanga Nari - Shanmugam IAS academy in coimbatore
Vanga Nari


What’s in news?

The jallikattu-like event using foxes, or vanga nari in Tamil, is usually organised on Kaanum Pongal on the outskirts of Salem district

Key data’s:

  • With Kaanum Pongal, the fourth and final day of the harvest festival, Forest Department officials in Salem are gearing up to prevent an unusual jallikattu — one that uses foxes instead of bulls.
  • The event is organised as villagers believe that it will bring bountiful rain and good fortune.
  • Villagers trap the foxes and bring them to the village temple.
  • The animals are muzzled and their hind legs tied with rope.
  • After special rituals are conducted, the hapless animals are chased through the streets, much like bulls in the more conventional jallikattu.
  • After the event, the animals are released into the forest.
  • Despite a ban, the event has been organised for decades now. 


  • Foxes are a protected species under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, and hunting or capturing them is prohibited.

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