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Thirumathikart - Shanmugam IAS academy in coimbatore


What’s in news?

An app was developed to help the Self-Help Groups for promoting their products was formally launched.

Key data’s:

  • Name of the application: The app was named as “Thirumathikart – was launched at a five- day executive development programme on ‘Marketing Strategies in the Digital Era: Self Promotion of SHG Products through Thirumathikart’.
  • Developed by: The application was developed by the National Institute of Technology, Tiruchi (NIT-T).
  • Launched by: The mobile application was launched by the District Collector S. Sivarasu.
  • Project: The apps have been developed under the Department of Science and Technology (DST)-sponsored project, ‘Design and Development of ICT-enabled cloud-based mobile application for the self-promotion of products developed by Self Help Groups.’
  • Objective: The application was developed with an intention to empower women with sustainable income-generation for SHGs by linking the customers with them.
  • Types of application: The team has developed three customized applications namely;
    • Thirumathikart
    • Thirumathikart Seller
    • Thirumathikart logistics
  • How it helps SHGs? By using this application as a platform, the customers can have a look on the products like handicrafts, clothing, cosmetics, household and decorative items, groceries, fashion, organic products and others.
  • The application gives a platform to the home-makers to showcase their individual talent / skills and promote their products.

Data to know:

Self-Help Group (SHG):

  • SHG is a financial intermediary consists of local women of age between 18-40 years – usually of similar social and economic backgrounds.
  • Total members: The SHGs consists of 10 – 20 local women.
  • Purpose: The local women come together to form such group to find ways to improve their living conditions.
  • The Genesis of SHG in India can be traced to formation of Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) in 1970.
  • The SHG Bank Linkage Project launched by NABARD in 1992 has blossomed into the world’s largest microfinance project.
  • In India, RBI regulations mandates that banks offer financial services, including collateral free loans to these groups on very low interest rates.
  • This system is closely related to that of solidarity lending, widely used by microfinance institutions.

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