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Ocean energy


What’s in news?

The New and Renewable Energy Ministry has clarified to all stakeholders that energy produced using various forms of ocean energy such as tidal, wave and ocean thermal energy conversion will be considered as Renewable Energy.


  • Our country’s total Ocean energy capacity is 12,455 MW with potential locations identified at Khambat & Kutch regions, and large backwaters, where barrage technology could be used.
  • But as per the theoretical calculation, it is estimated to be about 40,000 MW.
  • As of date, there is not any installed Ocean Energy capacity in India.
  • Some applications were received by MNRE for projects in this field.
  • They wanted clarity on the status of Ocean Energy as Renewable Energy. Therefore, MNRE has issued this notification

Key data’s:

  • Power Minister R K Singh approved the proposal of considering ocean energy as renewable energy to give a further boost to ocean energy in India. 
  • With this it has been clarified to all the stakeholders that energy produced using various forms of ocean energy such as tidal, wave, ocean thermal energy conversion, etc. shall be considered as renewable energy and shall be eligible for meeting the non-solar Renewable Purchase Obligations (RPO).
  • Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) has a theoretical potential of 180,000 MW in India if suitable technological support is provided. 
  • This move was approved with an intention to achieve the target of clean energy in a time-bound manner, various policies and regulations are being constantly updated.
  • Also, to boost investment in wind power projects and to help in providing wind power at a cheaper rate.
  • Currently India has overachieved the target and is well on track to ensure that more than 50% of the installed capacity comes from renewable sources by 2030.

Problem faced by the Wind companies:

  • The government has now decided to ease a problem facing by the Wind companies. In addition to mandatory charges, the wind power companies had to pay additional lease rent of 30,000 per MW.
  • This may result in increases the per-unit cost to the consumers.

Ocean energy is mostly exploited following technologies – 

  • Tidal Energy: The tidal cycle occurs every 12 hours due to the gravitational force of the moon. The difference in water height from low tide and high tide is potential energy.
  • Wave Energy: Wave energy is generated by the movement of a device either floating on the surface of the ocean or moored to the ocean floor.
  • Current Energy: Marine current is ocean water moving in one direction. This ocean current is known as the Gulf Stream. Tides also create currents that flow in two directions. Kinetic energy can be captured from the Gulf Stream and other tidal currents with submerged turbines
  • Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC): OTEC, uses ocean temperature differences from the surface to depths lower than 1,000 meters, to extract energy. A temperature difference of only 20°C can yield usable energy.


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