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Swine fever - Shanmugam IAS academy in coimbatore
Swine fever


What’s in news?

Deaths of pig herds in Manilla, caused due to African swine fever confirmed in Lab test.

Key data’s:

African swine fever:

  • African swine fever is a highly contagious and fatal animal disease.
  • It is highly infectious disease of pigs, including pigs, warthogs, bush pigs, European wild boar and American wild pigs. It is clinically indistinguishable from classical swine fever (CSF) and must be differentially diagnosed in the laboratory. 
  • It was first detected in Africa in the 1920s.
  • ASF is not a threat to human beings since it only spreads from animals to other animals.
  • Cause: It is caused by African swine fever virus, member of the Asfarviridae family
  • Transmission: Transmission can occur either directly contact of sick and healthy animals, and indirectly through contaminated feed, or on contaminated clothing, vehicles or as other fomites. 
  • Distribution: ASF is present in wild and/or domestic pigs in regions of Asia, Europe and Africa. ASFV is endemic to sub-Saharan Africa. It has been seen in South America and the Caribbean but has been eradicated. 
  • Symptoms: Fever (40.5-42ºC) vomiting, diarrhoea, reddening of the skin at extremities, chest and abdomen, anorexia and abortion. 
  • Treatment: There is no published treatment or vaccine for ASF. 



What’s in news?

An unpiloted Russian Soyuz spacecraft, carrying a humanoid robot landed on the steppe (a type of grassland) of Kazakhstan.

Key data’s:

Soyuz spacecraft:

  • It’s a Russian spacecraft helps the United States run the International Space Station.
  • The spacecraft launched from a country named Kazakhstan, neighbor to the south of Russia.
  • The Soyuz carries people and supplies to and from the space station. The Soyuz can also bring people back to Earth.
  • While the other nations helping, this spacecraft can carry people to the space station.
  • Cosmonauts – Crew members who belongs to Russia are known as cosmonauts.
  • Astronauts – Crew members who belongs to NASA are known as astronauts.
  • The Soyuz has two parts. One part is the Soyuz capsule. The second part is the Soyuz rocket.

Soyuz capsule:

  • The Soyuz capsule sits on top of the Soyuz rocket.
  • The capsule has three parts called modules namely Orbital Module, Descent Module, and the third module is home to the life support systems.

Soyuz rocket:

  • A rocket is what launches people and objects into space.
  • After the launch, the capsule and the rocket separate.
  • The rocket part of the Soyuz returns to Earth.


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