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Stress management - Shanmugam IAS academy in coimbatore
Stress management


What’s in news?

Ministry of Home Affairs and NIMHANS signed an agreement to train the ITBP force on stress management.

Key data’s:

  • Stress is a universal and common challenge to any kind of organization and reduces the employee productivity.
  • Impacts: Following are the impacts created due to high stress;
    • It decreases overall performance of the personnel who are guarding the border.
    • High error rate and poor quality of work.
    • Absenteeism – Due to lack of good health.
    • Other forms of ailments – frequent headache, obesity and cardiac arrests.
  • MoU: The MoU was signed between Ministry of Home Affairs and National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS) in the last December 2019.
  • Purpose of MoU: The agreement was signed to train the 90000 ITBP personnel on Stress Management.
  • Master coaches: In order to train the 90000 personnel, NIMHANS training around 450 people as master coaches who will in turn train other personnel.
  • Need: The need for such training is – the ITBP personnel who are guarding around 3600km India-China border, suffer a lot from stress which lead them to commit suicide.
  • Ways of stress: Following are the ways, how the personnel are being stressed;
    • The low temperature (-40 degree Celsius) in the 3600km long China border where they guarding for months.
    • During that time, they are far away from their families without any contact.
    • While stopping them from holidays in emergency situations by which they can’t meet their families.
  • Leads in: When the personnel were in high stress, the personnel who can’t manage the stress, they consume excessive alcohol and also, some other commit suicide.
  • Programme in the training: The training Programme includes the following;

Yoga, Addiction Management, Suicide Prevention, Family & Work Enrichment, Self-Care and the ways to deal with the environmental factors

  • How they been trained? It is a ten day training programme and if a batch of 30 people is trained, they go back and train other personnel.

Data to know:

  • NIMHANS had conducted a similar programme for Tamil Nadu police in 2018.
  • NIMHANS Science Day-2020: A theme-based exhibitions will be organized by the NIMHANS on Feb 12.
  • The theme covers the topics like development of brain, cognition and sleep, and mental health among others.

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