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Statehood day - Shanmugam IAS academy in coimbatore
Statehood day


What’s in news?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 21st January greeted the people of Manipur, Meghalaya and Tripura on their Statehood Day and hailed the traditions and culture of the three northeast states.

Key data’s:

  • On this day in 1972, all the three states became full-fledged states under the North Eastern Region (Reorganisation) Act, 1971.


  • Manipur is situated on the eastern frontier of India. It is bounded on the east by Myammar (Burma), on the north by the State of Nagaland, on the west by the State of Assam and on the south by the State of Mizoram and Myanmar.
  • Physically Manipur comprises of two parts, the hills and the valley. The valley is at the centre surrounded by hills on all sides.
  • The hills cover about 9/10 of the total area of the State.
  • Classical dance: Manipuri
  • Festivals: A year in Manipur represents a cycle of festivities. Hardly a month passes by without a festival.
  • Important festivals of the State are: Dol-jatra, Lai Haraoba, Rasa Leela, Cheiraoba, Ningol Chakouba, Rath-Jatra, Id-ul-Fitr, Imoinu Iratpa, Gaan-Ngai, Lui-Ngai-ni, Id-ul-Zuha, Yaoshang (Holi), Durga Puja, Mera Houchongba, Diwali, Kut and Christmas.


  • It is bound on the north and east by Assam, and on the south and west by Bangladesh.
  • Meghalaya, literally meaning the abode of clouds, is essentially a hilly state.
  • It is predominantly inhabited by the Khasis, the Jaintias, and the Garo tribal communities.
  • The Khasi Hills and Jaintia Hills, which form the central and eastern part of Meghalaya, is an imposing plateau with rolling grasslands, hills and river valleys.
  • The southern face of the plateau is marked by deep gorges and abrupt slopes, at the foot of which, a narrow strip of plain land runs along the international border with Bangladesh.
  • Meghalaya is basically an agrarian state, in which about 80 per cent of the population depend primarily on agriculture for their livelihood.


  • A five-day long religious festival of the Khasis, Ka Pamblang Nongkrem, popularly known as Nongkrem dance is held annually.
  • Behdeinkhlam, the most important and colourful festival of the Jaintias is celebrated annually at Jowai in Jaintia Hills in July.
  • Wangala festival is observed for a week to honour Saljong (Sun God) of the Garos during October-November.


  • Tripura is a state in North-East India which borders Bangladesh, Mizoram and Assam.
  • The state is connected with the rest of India by only one road (NH-44) that runs through the hills to the border of Karimganj District in Assam and then winds through the states of Meghalaya, Assam and North Bengal to Calcutta.

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