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Russia far east - Shanmugam IAS academy in coimbatore
Russia far east


What’s in news?

In the upcoming summit, India and Russia are set to add new areas of cooperation beyond the traditional ones.

Key data’s:

  • Russia is a long-term, reliable partner to India.
  • Modi has been invited as the chief guest of the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) in Vladivostok by Mr. Putin on September 5.
  • The bilateral summit will be held on the sidelines of the EEF.
  • In the bilateral summit it would expect some major announcements on how India-Russia relations are going to be diversified. And cooperation in the Russian Far East will be a major component of that diversification.
  • The Vladivostok summit would result in not only consolidating the traditional areas of cooperation – defence, nuclear, space and energy, but also add new pillars of cooperation, including inter-regional cooperation.
  • Minister of Oil and Natural Gas, Dharmendra Pradhan will be in Moscow for negotiations on expansion of energy cooperation, including long-term gas supplies.

Russian Far East:

  • The Russian Far East comprises the eastern Russian territory between Lake Baikal in eastern Siberia and the Pacific Ocean.
  • The Russian Far East comprises the Russian part of the Far East, the easternmost territory of Russia, between Lake Baikal in Eastern Siberia and the Pacific Ocean.
  • The Far Eastern Federal District shares land borders with Mongolia, the People’s Republic of China and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to its south, and shares maritime borders with Japan to its southeast and with the United States to its northeast. 

Agreement on Reciprocal Logistics Support (ARLS):

  • India going to sign a military logistics support agreement with Russia.
  • Such a agreement is known as “Agreement on Reciprocal Logistics Support”.
  • This agreement will facilitate access to each other’s’ military facilities for exchange of fuel and provisions on mutual agreement, simplifying logistical support and increasing operational turnaround.
  • Previously, India signed the Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Understanding (LEMOA) with the U.S. in August 2016 and has since concluded several such agreements.

Expected moves:

  • Expects an effort to conclude long-term spares and maintenance agreements for military hardware which India has procured from Russia.
  • Discussion will be on the Ka-226T utility helicopters for the Indian military through a joint venture.
  • Commercial discussion

Eastern Economic Forum: 

  • Eastern Economic Forum is an international forum held each year since 2015, in Vladivostok, Russia, for the purpose of encouraging foreign investment in the Russian Far East.
  • EEF is considered as the biggest international communication platform for cooperation between businesses leaders and senior government representatives from R Russia, the Pacific Region and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).
  • It serves as a platform for the discussion of key issues in the world economy, regional integration, and the development of new industrial and technological sectors, as well as of the global challenges facing Russia and other nations.
  • Over the years, it has emerged as an international platform for discussing the strategy for developing political, economic and cultural ties between Russia and Asia Pacific.


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