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RTI web portal - Shanmugam IAS academy in coimbatore
RTI web portal


What’s in news?

The Supreme Court asked the Centre and 25 States to respond to a writ petition for a direction to establish Right to Information (RTI) web portals across all States to enable citizens, especially those living abroad, to file RTI applications online.

Key data’s:

  • RTI Act is a “powerful tool” and its true objective could be achieved only by timely response to citizens’ request.
  • The petitioner has approached the court in PIL to address the problem faced by the citizens and NRI in obtaining information under RTI Act due to slow and conventional method of application process.
  • In a petition filed by the Pravasi Legal Cell, it is mentioned the only the states Delhi and Maharashtra, had set up RTI portals for obtaining information from the departments of their respective governments, but not the other states.
  • The Centre had also requested, the various State governments to explore the feasibility of implementing online RTI portals.
  • Technical support such as software and source code to the state governments would be given by the National Informatics Centre (NIC) which desire to replicate the web portal for online filing of RTI applications.
  • The petition filed seeks to empower the migrant people including Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) on the legal front.
  • Similar cases were pending before the high courts of Kerala and Gujarat in which notices have been issued to the respective governments.

RTI Web portal:

  • The Central government established an online RTI portal whereby any Indian citizen, including Non-Residential Indians (NRIs), can apply for information under the RTI Act with the desired Ministry or Department under the Central government.
  • An applicant can also pay the requisite fee through online payment in this portal and submit the RTI application.
  • Disclosure of information regard the life or liberty of a person would be easier through an online application.

Problem with the Normal application:

  • When the applicant made a physical application, it takes up the time and it is difficult for NRIs to apply in Physical education.
  • With this raising problem, the online web portal will help the Indian citizens and the Non-Resident Indians by speedy dissemination of information requested, which would be bringing transparency in administration.


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