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On May 23, 2016, India became the fifth nation to successfully conduct the flight demonstration of a scaled down version of a winged-body reusable launch vehicle, thereby validating the critical technologies such as autonomous navigation, guidance & control, reusable thermal protection system and re-entry mission management. This flight represented the first baby step towards the realisation of a future fully reusable Two Stage To Orbit (TSTO) space transportation system.

A fully reusable Two Stage To Orbit (TSTO) Launch Vehicle, that can launch payloads to Low Earth Orbit with 15 times reusability, is expected to reduce the launch cost by approximately 50 – 60% when compared to that of an expendable launch vehicle.

What is a reusable space vehicle?
space vehicle is a rocket-powered vehicle used to transport unmanned satellites or humans between the Earth’s surface and outer space. … Most space vehicles in production use are expendable systems, although reusable launch systems have been envisioned since the late 1960s.
What is the name of the first reusable spacecraft?
FIRST REUSABLE SPACECRAFT. The Space Shuttle made its debut in 1981 as the U.S. launch vehicle for human spaceflight in Earth orbit. During its design, construction, and early operation, the Space Shuttle was intended to be an economical replacement for expendable launch vehicles that are used only once.
What is the fastest space shuttle in the world?
The space shuttle does have a maximum speed of 17,500 mph, but that speed is relative to the Earth. If you think about the space shuttle’s velocity relative to the Sun, then the answer is the sum of Earth’s velocity plus that of the shuttle. This means that the shuttle is moving at 67,000 + 17,500 mph (84,500 mph).

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