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National Technology Day - Shanmugam IAS academy in coimbatore.
National Technology Day


What’s in news?

            On May 11, “The National Technology Day” was celebrated. The History of the day is followed.

Key data’s:

  • The National Technology Day, observed on May 11 across India and the day also marks India’s progress in science and technology.
  • The day was organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology.


    • The theme was selected by “The Technology Development Board (TDB)” was set up and since 1999.
    • 2019: Science for People and People for Science
    • 2018: Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future.
    • 2017: Technology for inclusive and sustainable growth.
  • The day was celebrated to mark the anniversary of Pokhran nuclear test Shakti, also known as Operation Shakti.
  • The National Technology Day was coined by late Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.
  • The aim of the celebration is to highlight the achievements of our scientists and engineers in the field of science and technology.
  • On this day, various events like Competitions, quizzes, lectures, interactive sessions and presentations of various aspects of science are managed globally are organized in different technical institutes and engineering colleges.
  • The day highlights the important role of science in our daily lives and encourages students to embrace science as a career option.
  • The day is considered as a symbol of pursuit for technological creativity, scientific inquiry and the conversion of that pursuit in the integration of society, industry and science.

History of this day:

  1. Operation Shakti:
  • The first nuclear test Pokhran with a code named as ‘Smiling Buddha’ was carried out in May, 1974.
  • On 11th of May, 1998, India victoriously test fired the nuclear missile – Shakti-I in an operation administered by late president and aerospace engineer Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.
  • Pokran II or Operation Shakti was initiated on 11th of May, 1998 with the detonation of two fission bombs and one fusion bomb.
  • Two additional fission bombs were detonated on 13th of May, 1998 and the Government of India run by Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the then Prime Minister shortly convened a press conference for the declaration of India as a full-fledged nuclear state.
  1. Trishul Missile:
  • On 11th May, 1998, the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) also accomplished the last test-fire of the Trishul missile, which was then introduced into service by the Indian Air Force and Indian Army.
  • A surface-to-air, quick-reaction, short-range missile, Trishul was a unit of the Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme of India
  • To celebrate this success, every year, May 11 is being celebrated as “National Technology day”.
  • Following this India became the sixth nuclear state of the world, which was not the sole thing India attained on that day.


  • India’s foremost indigenous aircraft Hansa-3 was flown in Bengaluru when the nuclear tests were being organized in Rajasthan.
  • It was developed by the National Aerospace Laboratories.

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