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Migration report - Shanmugam IAS academy in coimbatore
Migration report


What’s in news?

International Organization for Migration (IOM) recently released “Global Migration Report 2020”.

Key data’s:

  • Report: Global Migration Report 2020.
  • Launched by: International Organization for Migration.
  • Migrants: The total number of migrants globally is 270 million in 2019. This is a tiny global population of about 0.1% – The percentage wsa increased when comparing with the last report – which was published two years ago. Two-third migrants were labour migrants.
  • Top country: The top destination remains the US, at nearly 51 million.
  • The percentage of total migrants (0.1%) increased was negligible, which shows the that the vast majority of people globally (96.5 per cent) are estimated to be residing in the country where they born.
  • More than half of all international migrants (141 million) live in Europe and North America.
  • International migrants: The International migrations were topped by India which followed by Mexico (11.8 million) and China (10.7 million).
  • International remittance: The total remittance was increased to USD 689 billion in 2018.
  • Remittance recipients: The top three remittance receive countries were – India (USD 78.6 billion), China (USD 67.4 billion) and Mexico (USD 35.7 billion).
  • Remittance sending: The top three remittance sending countries were (USD 68.0 billion) followed by the United Arab Emirates (USD 44.4 billion) and Saudi Arabia (USD 36.1 billion).
  • Migration corridors: Important migration corridors from poorer countries to richer nations such as those to France, Russia, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.
  • The pattern of migration was the same. The populations in some developing subregions and countries are projected to increase in coming decades, placing migration pressure on future generations.
  • In Africa, Asia and Europe, most international migrants stay within their regions of birth, but the majority of migrants from Latin America and the Caribbean and North America do not.
  • Conflicts and violence: Because of the ongoing conflicts and violence in the areas of Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Myanmar, South Sudan, Syria and Yemen – the migrations were increased massive internal displacement in the last two years.
  • Syria – The country of most internally population of displaced people with 6.1 million. The country was followed by Colombia (5.8 million) and the Congo (3.1 million).

India and migration report:

  • In terms of migration, India standing with the largest migrants with a 17.5 million.
  • This largest migration shows the strong diaspora across the world.
  • Also, it received the highest remittance of USD 78.6 billion from Indians living abroad.
  • The highest number of migrants entering India come from Bangladesh.

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