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Indian Air force - Shanmugam IAS academy in coimbatore
Indian Air force


What’s in news?

The following are the news from the Indian Air Force;

  1. India successfully test fires air-launched version of BrahMos from Sukhoi fighter jet.
  2. Bhawana Kanth, first woman fighter pilot of Indian Air Force

Brahmos Missile (Air version):

Key data’s:

  • The Indian Air Force (IAF) has successfully test fired the air-launched version of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile from its frontline Su-30 MKI fighter aircraft was smooth.
  • The missile followed the desired trajectory before directly hitting the land target.
  • The capability of the missile coupled with the superlative performance of the Su-30MKI aircraft gives the IAF the desired strategic reach.
  • This new launch will significantly enhance the IAF’s combat capability.

Features of BrahMos missile:

  • This is an air-launched version of supersonic air to surface cruise missile.
  • This missile was developed by BrahMos Aerospace.
  • Weight:5 ton
  • Distance range: 300 km
  • Striking capability: Strike from large stand-off ranges on any target at sea or on land with pinpoint accuracy by day or night and in all weather conditions.
  • The integration of the weapon on the aircraft was a very complex process involving mechanical, electrical (carried out by the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) and software modifications (by the IAF engineers) on aircraft.

Earlier record:

  • The IAF became the first air force in the world to have successfully fired an air launched 2.8 Mach surface attack missile of this category on a sea target on November 22, 2017.
  • This new launch was the second such live launch of the weapon. 
  • Key fact: BrahMos Aerospace, an India-Russian joint venture, produces the supersonic cruise missile that can be launched from submarines, ships, aircraft, or from land platforms.

Bhawana Kanth:

Key data’s:

  • Flight Lieutenant Bhawana Kanth has become first woman fighter pilot of the Indian Air Force to qualify to undertake combat missions.
  • Kanth completed operational syllabus for carrying out combat missions on Mig-21 Bison aircraft during day time.


  • Along with Mohana Singh and Avani Chaturvedi, Bhawana Kanth was the first woman selected for the Air Force’s fighter stream in 2016. Less than two years later, the three women joined their respective squadrons.
  • Avani Chaturvedi and Bhawana Kanth were posted to 23 Squadron, Suratgarh (Rajasthan) and 3 Squadron, Ambala (Haryana) respectively. Both officers were trained to fly the MiG-21 Bison supersonic jet after having completed several stages of fighter aircraft training.
  • Her inspiring words: “It was something only boys were expected to aspire for. At least that was the stereotype. But my parents never made me feel I needed to think any different just because I am a girl“.

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