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Gram Sadak Yojana - Shanmugam IAS academy in coimbatore
coir geo


What’s in news?

Coir Geo textiles gets nod for Rural Road Construction.

Key data’s:

  • Coir Geo textiles, a permeable fabric, natural, strong, highly durable, resistant to rots, moulds and moisture, free from any microbial attack, has finally been accepted as a good material for rural road construction.
  • Coir Geo textiles will be used for construction of rural roads under the PMGSY-III.
  • Coir is a 100% natural fiber, obtained from a renewable source – the coconut husk.


  • The decision opens up a huge market potential for Coir Geo-textiles in the Country and will be a boon to the Covid-19 hit Coir Industry.

Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY):

  • As per the PMGSY new technology guidelines for road construction, 15% length in each batch of proposals, is to be constructed using new technologies.
  • Out of this 5% roads are to be constructed using IRC accredited technology. The IRC has now accredited coir Geo textiles for construction of rural roads.
  • As per these instructions, 5% length of the rural roads under PMGSY-III will be constructed using Coir Geo textiles.
  • Accordingly 164 Kms of road will be constructed using coir geo textiles in Andhra Pradesh, 151 kms in Gujarat, 71 kms in Kerala , 328 kms in Maharashtra,470 kms in Odisha, 369 kms TN and 121 kms in Telengana.
  • Thus 1674 km road will be constructed using Coir Geo textiles in 07 states for which there will be a requirement of One Crore Sq. mtrs of coir Geo-textiles, estimated cost of which would come to Rs.70 Crore.

Geo Textiles:

  • These are synthetic including polyester and polypropylene or man-made materials that have varying degrees of permeability.
  • Permeability means their surfaces have very small openings that allow liquid or gases to pass through.
  • It has the ability to separate, filter, reinforce, protect and drain when used in association with soils.
  • It drains areas where water pools while keeping soil in place.
  • It serves as effective filters, catching some materials to prevent drains from clogging.
  • It reinforces earthen structures like drains by holding layers in place.
  • It protects against erosion in places like roads and beaches.
  • These functions make Geo Textile fabrics useful in many industries, especially construction and civil engineering.

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