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Golden leaf - Shanmugam IAS academy in coimbatore
Golden leaf


What’s in news?

            Tobacco Board of India has been awarded the Golden Leaf Award at Tab Expo 2019 event in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Key data’s:

  • Tobacco Board of India” has been awarded the Golden Leaf Award for the year 2019 at Tab Expo 2019.
  • The award was received under the category “Most Impressive Public Service Initiative category”.
  • Received for: For its efforts to initiate various sustainability (green) initiatives in Flue-Cured Virginia (FCV) tobacco cultivation in India.
  • Received by: Sunitha, Executive Director of Tobacco Board.
  • The awards under this category are given to a company or institution that introduced a public service programme or educational campaign of creativity, effectiveness to date and best use of resources.

Tobacco Board of India:

  • Government of India under the Tobacco Board Act of 1975, established the Tobacco Board, in place of the Tobacco Export Promotion Council.
  • It is a statutory body working under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
  • HQ: Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.
  • Functions:
    • Regulating the production and curing of Virginia tobacco in India,
    • Improving the yields and quality of tobacco,
    • Facilitating sale of tobacco through e-auctions,
    • Undertaking various grower welfare measures and export promotion of tobacco.

The Golden Leaf Awards:

  • It is an annual award since 2006.
  • Aim: To recognize professional excellence and dedication in the tobacco industry by Tobacco Reporter, an international magazine
  • Awards are granted on an annual basis to companies that have achieved outstanding performance in five categories –
    • Most impressive public service initiative
    • most promising new product introduction
    • most exciting newcomer to the industry
    • most outstanding service to the industry
    • The BMJ most committed to quality award

Previous award:

            Tobacco Board of India won a Golden Leaf Award in the Most Impressive Public Service Initiative category in 2014, for its implementation of an electronic auction system, which has made the marketing of flue-cured tobacco in India more transparent and accountable.

Data to know:

  • Tobacco is an important commercial crop grown in India.
  • India is the world’s fourth largest producer of FCV (Flue-Cured Virginia) tobacco with 88,000 FCV tobacco farmers and their families in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka are dependent on this crop for their livelihood.
  • India stands 3rd in production of tobacco and in exports, Brazil and USA are ahead of India.

Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC):

  • It is the first multilateral, binding international treaty on Tobacco, chronic, non-communicable disease.
  • Adopted in WHO’s 56th World Health Assembly in 2003.
  • India is a signatory to the convention.
  • Aim: To eliminate illicit trade in tobacco products – applicable to both smoking and chewing or smokeless tobacco (SLT) – mentioned in Article 15 of FCTC.
  • Signed by 168 countries and is legally binding in 181 ratifying countries.


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