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What’s in news?

CCMB has discovered the enzyme, to destroy the cell wall of the bacteria to curb its growth.

Key data’s:

  • Researchers from Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCBM) has done this experiment and found the following.
  • A bacterium has a protective layer called cell wall. When the bacteria reached the host, it will replicate under certain conditions. Bacteria are living things that have only one cell. Under a microscope, they look like balls, rods, or spirals. Few bacteria help to digest food, destroy disease-causing cells, give the body needed vitamins, also used in making healthy foods like yogurt and cheese. But some bacteria may be infectious can make you ill which can damage tissue and make you sick. Examples of bacteria that cause infections include streptococcus, Staphylococcus, E.Coli.
  • Bacteria are one of the agents for infectious disease. The other agents were Virus, Parasite or fungi. The bacterial disease is known as Cholera, Tuberculosis, etc.,
  • In recent times, the replicating bacteria, becoming stronger and resistance to the anti-biotic. This is because of an enzyme which is responsible for the growth of the cell wall, the researchers said. When the enzyme killed, the growth of the bacteria will be stopped and its anti-bacterial resistance will be got arrested.
  • The researchers concluded this, by conducting the experiment in the bacterium called E.Coli. And they said this might be the case with every other bacterium.
  • This will also give the potential for new drug development to arrest the anti-bacterial resistance to anti-biotic drugs.


  • It is abbreviated as Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology.
  • This is a research organization in the field of Modern Biology and an establishment of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) located in Hyderabad.
  • CCBM is awarded as “Centre of Excellence” by UNESCO Global Network for Molecular and Cell Biology. And designated as “South Centre for Excellence for Research and Training” by World Academy of Sciences TWAS, Italy.
  • The centre receives funding for specific collaborative projects from establishments outside India, such as the National Institute of Health, Harvard Medical School, USA, etc.,

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