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What’s in news?

Chairing an all-party meeting on the eve of the first session of the new Lok Sabha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, invited heads of all parties to a meeting on June 19 to discuss the “one nation, one election” issue and other important matters.

Key data’s:

  • The Lower House of Parliament should begin with “fresh zeal and new thinking” as there are many new faces in this Lok Sabha election.
  • One nation, one election is a “fancy idea” of the BJP and it’s neither possible nor necessary, said the Communist Party of India.

Simultaneous elections: 

It refer to holding elections to Lok Sabha, State Legislative Assemblies, Panchayats and Urban local bodies simultaneously, once in five year.

Merits of Simultaneous elections:

  • Governance and consistency: The ruling parties will be able to focus on legislation and governance rather than having to be in campaign mode forever.
  • Reduced Expenditure of Money and Administration: The entire State and District level administrative and security machinery will be busy with the conduct of elections twice in a period of five years as per the current practice. Expenditure can be reduced by conducting simultaneous elections.
  • Continuity in policies and programmes.
  • Efficiency of Governance: Simultaneous elections can bring the much-needed operational efficiency in this exercise. Populist measures by governments will reduce.
  • Simultaneous elections can also be a means to curb corruptionand build a more conducive socio-economic ecosystem.
  • The impact of black money on the voters will be reduced as all elections are held at a time.
  • For simultaneous elections to be implemented, Changes to be made in Constitution and Legislations:
  • Following amendments needed in the following articles:-
    • Article 83 which deals with the duration of Houses of Parliament need an amendment
    • Article 85 (on dissolution of Lok Sabha by the president)
    • Article 172 (relating to the duration of state legislatures)
    • Article 174 (relating to dissolution of state assemblies)
    • Article 356 (on President’s Rule).
    • The Representation of People Act, 1951 Act would have to be amended to build in provisions for stability of tenure for both parliament and assemblies. This should include the following crucial elements:
  • Restructuring the powers and functions of the ECI to facilitate procedures required for simultaneous elections
  • A definition of simultaneous election can be added to section 2 of the 1951 act.


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