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EARLY ED ASIA 2019 – Shanmugam IAS Academy

Early ED Asia 2019 Conference will take place in Jaipur, Rajasthan, on 12th & 13th February 2019. Early ED Asia 2019 will be one of the largest international conferences devoted to modern childhood issues attended by academicians, practitioners, and policymakers from across Asia.


With the motto Our Children. Our Future., Early ED Asia 2019 aims to provide a platform for networking, learning, and sharing the best practices of early childhood education in Asia.

The event will focus on relevant research and developmentally appropriate  practices in care, neurosciences, education and policies for the betterment of Early Childhood Education.

Hosted by Princess Diya Kumari, The Royal Family of Jaipur, and organized by ScooNews and Early Childhood Association, India; Early ED Asia 2019 is the largest Early Childhood Conference of Asia.

The conference will be an effort to bring in more hands to join in and support the reform of Early Childhood Development (ECD). Collaborations will be established with local and international organizations, and professionals in the ECD space.

To make a better tomorrow for those innocent smiles, the deliberations and discussions at EarlyED Asia 2019 will provide educators and government organizations with the latest ideas and best practices and research in early childhood education. A conference that makes you ponder over the future of children’s education and helps you invest wisely in ongoing professional development, policies and practice.

With a warm Kulhad Chai in your hand and Jaipur’s sunshine in your eyes, EarlyED Asia 2019 plans to build relationships that will last a lifetime and beyond. Our sessions will facilitate deep reflection with an opportunity to learn from ECE experts while you network with peers from Asia and around the globe. Meet leading suppliers and witness the latest technology, toys, books and other valuable material available to support your early childhood education.

All work and no play make Jack ‘n’ Jill, dull people! So, don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes to have fun with some old and some new friends!


ScooNews is India’s largest Media platform for the education sector comprising of print, online, online TV and events. ScooNews magazine has a monthly print run of 65,000 copies nationally with a targeted readership of 500,000.

ScooNews through its print and digital channels offers teachers, administrators and school technologists a platform where they can learn and improve using a trove of new practical content. It also allows them a space to interact and share views & knowledge on education best practices and resources.

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