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Tony Lewis died – Shanmugam IAS Academy


What’s in news?

Tony Lewis, who was behind the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern method was recently passed away.

Key data’s:

  • Tony Lewis, dies at the age of 78, announced by the England and Wales Cricket Board.
  • Along with the mathematician Frank Duckworth, Tony Lewis devised a method called Duckworth-Lewis method” used in weather-affected limited overs cricket matches which stops more than once. Also, it can applied in other circumstances also.
  • Introduced in: The method was introduced for the first time in 1997 as ‘Duckworth-Lewis method’ and adopted in International Cricket since 1999 after it was approved by International Cricket Council (ICC).
  • Renamed: In 2014, it was renamed as the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern Method – and still no other alternative method has been found. It was renamed after Professor Steven Sternbecame the custodian of the method in 2014.
  • Application: The method is being applied in 50 over one-day Internationals. In Twenty20 matches, it has not yet applied since it was criticized.
  • Advantage: The big difference between the DLS and previous methods was that it gave credit to sides defending a target for taking wickets as well as chasing sides for scoring runs, while the target has been adjusted.


  • The formula came about in response to the extraordinary climax of a rain-interrupted 1992 World Cup semifinal in Sydney. The method then in use was based on removing the lowest-scoring overs from each team’s innings.

Data to know:

  • DLS method: The DLS method is an attempt to set a statistically fair target for the second team’s innings, which is the same difficulty as the original target.
  • Principle: The basic principle is that each team in a limited-overs match has two resources available with which to score runs (overs to play and wickets remaining), and the target is adjusted proportionally to the change in the combination of these two resources.

Links to note:

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