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There are many countries in the world that use the rupee as their currency. this includes Indonesia Mauritius, Nepal ,Pakisthan , Seychelles and Sri Lanka, apart from our own India. it would however be wrong to say that they are all one and the same the value and denomination of these rupees are different in all these countries . they depend on the respective country ‘s economy , and monetary policy.

The unit of currencies too are different in the each country. While Indian and Pakistani rupees are further divided into “paise”, the unit in the Maldives is “rufiyah”. In Sri lanka they are “cents”. Nepalese rupees on the other hands is equal to “100 paise” or “four sukas” or “two mohors”.

But the symbol “Rs” is same in Sri lanka, Nepal, Pakistan , Maldives.

Till July 15th, 2010 India used this as the  currency sign. It was then replaced by the new symbol, ₹. 

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