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Dairy Cooperatives - Shanmugam IAS academy in coimbatore
Dairy Cooperatives


What’s in news?

Maharashtra’s Tribal Development Department launched an academic programme for young tribal students aspiring to be doctors and engineers.

Key data’s:

  • “The Super 50 “programme was launched by Tribal Development Department in association with the Pace Educational Trust.
  • The programme will mentor 50 most meritorious tribal students who have cleared Class X Examination from the State and prepare them for engineering and medical exams.
  • It is inspired by the work of Patna’s Anand Kumar and his Super 30, which prepares smart but underprivileged students to sit for IIT entrance exams.
  • The students were selected through Entrance test on June 28, followed by a second round on July 14.
  • Through the entrance test, 34 students were selected for the engineering course and 16 for the medical course training programme.
  • The selected students are from government-run Adivasi ashram schools, Eklavya Nivasi ashram schools, and English medium ashram schools.
  • It will be a two-year residential programme, where the students will be provided hostel and mess facilities, a tablet, NCERT books, and career counselling.



What’s in news?

The Centre has asked all milk cooperatives and private dairies to halve plastic usage by October 2, by subsidising one litre packs to discourage the use of 500 ml packs and by offering a rebate to customers who return the plastic pouches which can then be recycled.


  • In his Independence Day speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had called for an end to single use plastics.
  • The milk industry is one of the largest users of single use plastics, with the growing use of disposable pouches replacing milk vendors and vending machines.

Key data’s:

The following are the ways to implement the project;

  • By subsidising 1 litre packs to discourage the use of 500 ml packs.
  • By creating a protocol and action plan to recycle milk pouches.
  • By reusing pouches.

Extended Producer Responsibility:

  • Under the Extended Producer Responsibility component of the Plastic Waste Management (PWM) Rules, revised in 2018, industries are already required to recover and recycle part of the plastic packaging they generate.
  • Dairy industry has been asked to offer a rebate to customers who return the plastic pouches, which can then be recycled.


The following are the challenges faced by the project;

  • The country’s biggest milk coop, which generates about 2.8 Cr. plastic packets per day, said that such buyback schemes are not viable.


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