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Customs day - Shanmugam IAS academy in coimbatore
Customs day


What’s in news?

  • International Customs Day is used to celebrate on the 26th January every year by the Custom Organizations.

Key Data’s:

  • It is also known as the ICD as it’s short form.
  • Instituted by the World Customs Organization (WCO), International Customs Day is held on January 26, which commemorates the day in 1953 when the inaugural session of the Customs Cooperation Council (CCC) was held in Brussels, Belgium. Seventeen European countries attended this session. In 1994 the CCC was renamed World Customs Organization (WCO) and today custom organizations from 179 countries are WCO members.
  • World Customs Organizations was created in the 1952 year to get the effectiveness and efficiency to the Customs administration which is situated all over the world.
  • It is the event which is used to focus on many types of themes on the particular event. It is used to celebrate to help the people to run there with safety and security without any theft. It is quite important to manage everything accurately with several conditions in it which make the people get every task to be complete in a significant manner without any fraudulent activity.

Aim of ICD:

  • International Customs Day is used to celebrate for the better cause to make the people get all the security and safety of the Dangerous individuals who can try to make their activities to ruin. So it is important to get all the possible ideas and plans to fulfil the operations of the business people. So International Customs Organizations is used to make many plans and ideas to secure the people from the harmful activities of the people.
  • The Goals of the International Customs Organization is as follows
    • International Customs Day is used to celebrate for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the Customs Administration Members.
    • It is used to help the Custom Members Administration to make the Custom to develop in a better way.
    • It is used to accomplish the Objectives of the International Level.
    • It is used to improve the Collection of the Revenue, Protection of the Community, National Safety and Collection of the Trade Statistics.

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