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Coal mines – Shanmugam IAS Academy
Coal mines


What’s in news?

The process for the allotment of six coal mines has been started by the Ministry of Coal.

Key data’s:

  • The ministry had started the allotment process for 15 coal mines for various specified end-use such as in power and iron & steel sectors.
  • Out of total 15 mines, the application has been received for the 6 coal mines – which may add over 5 million tonnes (MT) coal per annum to the country’s coal output.
  • The 6 coal mines were;
    • Durgapur II Taraimar
    • Durgapur II Sariya,
    • Mandakini,
    • Utkal C,
    • Sugia Closed Mine
    • Tokisud North

Coal import:

  • Current import: India is currently importing 56 million tonnes of coal (2018-19).
  • Coal imports increased by 8% as compared to 2017-18 to 233.56 million tonnes.
  • Demand for seaborne coal imports in India has risen because of a fast-rising population and the unavailability of alternative fuels such as natural gas.
  • 42% of total imports of coal, is consumed by the power plants at the port of Mundra, in western India’s state of Gujarat.


The processing of these 6 mines will help India in the following ways;

  • The dependency of import of coal may reduce.
  • It will generate Rs 15,000 crores of revenue for the respective state governments.

Government steps:

Government of India has taken many steps to reduce the dependence of coal.

Coal India:

  • Coal India Limited (CIL) is an Indian state-owned coal mining and refinery companyin the world.
  • This PSU was categorized as a Maharatna company.
  • Aim: To raise its annual output to 880 million tons by 2024. This will help in reducing imports and eventually stop the country’s energy dependence on coal.
  • This will also aid in India’s plan to expand the economy to 5 trillion USD by 2024.
  • Some of the other initiatives by Coal India;
    • Adoption of mechanization in both underground and opencast mines.
    • Converting unsafe, unviable underground mines into opencast mines.
    • e-reverse auction for finalization of contracts for explosives implemented.
    • Action taken for improving competition in tenders and cost reduction

Clean Coal Technology:

  • Coal is considered as a dirtiest of all fossil fuels, produces large quantity of Green Houses Gases.
  • But still it’s being used because of its low cost and its plentiful resources.
  • In order to reduce the harsh environmental effects created from the source of coal, Clean coal technology has been introduced – methods that are currently used in the country includes pre-combustion capture, oxy-fuel combustion and post-combustion capture. 
  • Pre-combustion capture: This includes production of heat through gasification of feedstock. In this process, a mix of hydrogen and Carbon dioxide rich gas is produced and the mixture can be separated easily.
  • Oxy-fuel combustion: In this process, fossil fuel such as coal is burnt in recirculated flue gas and oxygen rather than air. This eliminates nitrogen largely.


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