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CHILD WELL-BEING REPORT - Shanmugam IAS academy in coimbatore


What’s in news?

Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh and Puducherry topped the charts in recently released the child well-being index.

Key data’s:

  • India Child Well-Being Report” was released by an NGO World Vision India one of the largest child-focused humanitarian organisations along with IFMR LEAD, the Research Institute.
  • The report is important considering that 40 per cent of the country’s population is made of children between the ages of 1 and 18.
  • The report is an attempt to look at how India fairs on child well-being using a composite child well-being index. The report is an attempt to look at how India fairs on child well-being using a composite child well-being index.
  • This index is a tool designed to measure and tracks children’s well-being comprehensively and provides insights on health, nutrition, education, sanitation and child protection.
  • One of the primary objectives of this index is to garner attention to the under-researched theme of child well-being in India, and inspire further academic and policy conversations on related issues.
  • The report asks the states to look out for their scores and to prepare for priority areas of intervention with specific plans of action.
  • The scores of the report may
    • Trigger policy level changes
    • Better allocation in budget
    • Initiate discussions with all stakeholders.

Three dimensions:

  • Healthy individual development.
  • positive relationships.
  • protective contexts.

Performance of the states:

  • Kerala (score 0.76), Tamil Nadu and Himachal Pradesh (score 0.67) leading the charts.
  • Kerala bagged the top spot due to its exceptional performance in health and education facilities.
  • Meghalaya, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh featuring at the bottom. Poor nutrition and low child survival rate pushed Jharkhand and MP to the bottom of the index.
  • Tamil Nadu is the second-best performer in the overall category, with a score of 0.67 but it slipped to the 5th position in the Health dimension.
  • West Bengal – 11th position – but does better in health indicators and ranks seventh.
  • Andhra Pradesh – 26th position.
  • Among Union territories;
    • Puducherry (score 0.77) is in top position among UT.
    • Dadra and Nagar Haveli (Score 0.52).


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