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Child labour of Film industry – Shanmugam IAS Academy
Child labour


What’s in news?

A strict and serious concern over the violations of Child Labor Rules in films and television programmes industry issued by Indian Labor and Employment Ministry.

Problem of concern:

Various entertainment channels run talent-hunt shows for months together in which they organise competition among children of similar age group and then adjudge the winners. Such TV shows are a big hit even as they are keenly watched in households, particularly the youths, mainly over the weekends.

Key data’s:

  • A large number of child artists work in India’s film industry, popularly called “Bollywood“, besides TV programs, particularly in dance, singing, laughter shows and also in reality shows.
  • With this, the labour ministry, urged the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to ensure that the child artists’ rights are well protected, and their working conditions are as per the set rules and norms.
  • The ministry also called for “strict compliance” of the Rules laid in this regard.
  • Following the concerns expressed by the Ministry of Labor and Employment, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is soon expected to issue advisories on the issue to film producers and broadcasters.
  • If a child was involved in filming, the film should include a disclaimer saying that all measures were taken to ensure that no abuse, neglect or exploitation of the child took place during shooting.

Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Amendment Rules, 2017:

Important provisions of the rules;

  • Child artistes are supposed to work for a maximum of five hours a day and not more than three hours without rest.
  • Require permission from the District Magistrate and an undertaking by the producer, as well as the deployment of one person each for ensuring the safety and security of a maximum of five children. 
  • Children should not be away from schooling for more than 27 days and 20% of their income should be deposited in a fixed deposit in their name.

Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Amendment Bill, 2016:

  • The bill was amended the original bill of 1986.
  • The new bill introduced with a change of widening its scope against child labour and provides for stricter punishments for violations.
  • The salient features of the new bill are;
    • Ban under 14: The act has completely banned employment of children below 14 in all occupations and enterprises, except those run by his or her own family, provided.
    • Adolescent: Addition of a new category of persons called “adolescent”. It defines children between 14 to 18 years as adolescents and bars their employment in any.
    • Cognizable offence: The act makes child labour a cognizable offence. Employing children below 14 years will attract a jail term between 6 months to two years (earlier 3 months to 1 year). Repeat offenders will attract imprisonment between 1 year to 3 years (6 months to 2 years).
    • Fund: The act has a provision of creating Rehabilitation Fund for the rehabilitation of children.
    • Hazardous occupations: The number of hazardous occupations has been brought down from 83 to 3. The three occupations are mining, inflammable substances, and hazardous process.
    • Empower the government: Empowers the government to make periodic inspection of places. Government may confer powers on a District Magistrate (DM) to ensure that the provisions of the law are properly carried out and implemented.


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