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bio fortified - Shanmugam IAS academy in coimbatore
bio fortified


What’s in news?

A bio fortified durum wheat variety has been developed which shows high protein content.

Key data’s:

  • Developed by: The new bio fortified wheat variety has been developed by the Agharkar Research Institute (ARI), Pune.
  • Name: The new wheat variety is named as MACS 4028”.
  • Published in: The new discovery was published in the Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding.
  • Unique quality: The new wheat variety has the following advantages;
    • Has high protein content of about 14.7%
    • Has better nutritional quality with Zinc (40.3 ppm) and Iron (46.1ppm) content
    • Has a good milling quality
    • Has an overall acceptability
  • Notified by: The new variety was notified by the institutions like Central Sub-Committee on Crop Standards, Notification and Release of Varieties for Agricultural Crops (CVRC) for timely sown, rain fed condition of Peninsular Zone, comprising Maharashtra and Karnataka.
  • Bio-fortified category tag: It has also given this variety a tag under the Bio fortified category during the year 2019 by Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR).
  • The wheat variety also included by the Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) programme for United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

About MACS 4028:

  • Maturity period: The maturity period of the wheat variety is 102 days and stable yielding ability of 19.3 quintals per hectare.
  • Resistant to diseases: It is a semi-dwarf wheat variety resistant to stem rust, leaf rust, foliar aphids, root aphids, and brown wheat mite.

About Agharkar Research Institute (ARI):

  • Location: ARI, an autonomous institute located in Pune.
  • Ministry: It functions under the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India.

Data to know:

KVK Programme:

The programme was included this wheat variety to alleviate malnutrition in a sustainable way and can boost the Vision 2022 “Kuposhan Mukt Bharat”, the National Nutrition Strategy.

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