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What’s in news?

In the recent parliamentary session, 28 bills were passed out of 38 but none wasn’t scrutinized by some or the other committee.

Key data’s:

  • Recently, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla even labelled it the most productive sitting since 1952 when the adjournment sine die the session.
  • The first session of Modi 2.0 government, Parliament was convened June 17. It was to conclude on July 26, but was extended to August 7. This session was considered as most productive session since, 1952.
  • The lower house worked for 135 per cent of what it was scheduled to: 281 hours — higher than any other session in the last two decades.
  • The Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha spent 46 and 51 per cent of their time, respectively.
  • According to PRS Legislative Research, excluding the Finance and Appropriation Bills, 38 others were introduced in the session. Of these 28 were passed, the highest for any session in the last decade.
  • Bills introduced this session dealt with contentious issues such as the reorganization of Jammu and Kashmir, changes in Right to Information, restructuring the medical profession, etc.
  • Four of the Bills passed were scrutinized by committees one way or the other, but all during the tenure of the previous Lok Sabha.
    • DNA Based Technology (Use and Regulation) Bill, 2017.
    • The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2019.
    • The Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code, 2019.
    • The Dam Safety Bill, 2019.
  • The Opposition parties had demanded that the RTI Amendment Bill, the Triple Talaq Bill and the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment Bill be sent to a select committee. However, their motions failed because they did not have the number.
  • With the data released by the PRS Legislative Research, twenty-five of the Bills were discussed in only five working days from their introduction. Three were introduced, discussed, and passed on the same day in the Rajya Sabha.

Matter to consider:

Despite the passage of so much time, the Lok Sabha is yet to elect a deputy speaker. Article 93 of the Constitution mandates the election of both a Speaker and a deputy at the earliest.



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