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Apache Attack helicopter - Shanmugam IAS academy in coimbatore
Apache Attack helicopter


What’s in news?

The Indian Air Force (IAF) formally inducted eight AH-64E Apache attack helicopters into service at the Pathankot Air Force Station.


  • The Indian Air Force (IAF) currently flies Soviet-origin Mi-25 and Mi-35 helicopters.
  • The deal was initiated in the ‘United Progressive Alliance regime’ around 2008-09 but could not be signed due to procedural and other issues in the contract.
  • Later on, in September 2015, India signed a $1.1-billion deal with US defence giant Boeing for 22 Apache choppers.
  • The first Apache squadron will have eight helicopters that have already been supplied by Boeing. Four of these helicopters are to be stationed at the Pathankot Air Force Station, a few kilometres from the border with Pakistan.
  • The rest will be delivered by 2022.

Key data’s:

  • The Apache helicopters will be the second US-built helicopters to join the Indian air force fleet after Boeing CH-47F (I) Chinook heavy-lift helicopters.
  • The Apaches are likely to be stationed at Pathankot and Jorhat. This will be its first fleet of attack choppers. 
  • India is the 16th nation to select the Apache and the AH-64E is the most advanced variant
  • These helicopters will replace the existing Mi-35 fleet and had been modified specifically to suit the exacting standards demanded by the IAF.
  • With the induction of the Apache AH-64E the IAF has upgraded its inventory to the latest generation of attack helicopters.
  • The aircrew and ground crew had been trained already regard this in U.S. Army Base Fort.
  • Additionally, the government has also cleared the acquisition of six additional Apaches for the Indian Army. This deal was also approved formally by the U.S.

Apache attack helicopters:

  • Apache is the most advanced multi-role heavy attack helicopter in the world.
  • It has a capability to shoot fire and forget anti-tank guided missiles, air-to-air missiles, rockets and other ammunitions, it also has modern Electronic Warfare (EW) capabilities to provide versatility to helicopters in a network-centric aerial warfare.
  • Equipped with laser and infrared systems for day-night operations. Its all-weather operatable helicopters.
  • Armed with air- to-surface Hellfire missiles.
  • 70 mm rockets and automatic cannon.
  • Fire control radar: Has a 360-degree coverage and nose mounted sensor suite for target acquisition and night vision systems.


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