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Akash mk 1s - Shanmugam IAS academy in coimbatore
Akash mk 1s


What’s in news?

Akash-MK-1S missile was successfully test fired from the integrated test range at Chandipur in Odisha.

Key data’s:

  • The surface-to-air anti-aircraft missile, Akash-MK-1S, successfully test fired from the integrated test range at Chandipur in Odisha.
  • The surface-to-air anti-aircraft missile with a strike range of 25 km and capability to carry warhead of 60 kg was test fired on May 25 and May 27.
  • The missile was test fired by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).
  • Akash weapon system has combination of both command guidance and active terminal seeker guidance. 
  • The objective of the mission was met during the test fire. After the test, the IAF said that the missile successfully managed to break the target on the ground, and it was able to break the target on the ground.
  • This missile can kill the enemy by hitting the target in the air. In the last two days, the sky-1m missile was tested for the second time.
  • It can demolish missile drones, cruise missiles and fighter jets from the ground by air.
  • This is a supersonic missile with having 25-kilometre fire power.
  • The maximum speed of this missile is 3087 kilometres per hour although it is a medium range missile.
  • This missile was the second successful test from the aircraft. Earlier there was a trial in November 2017.
  • Few changes were made in the aircraft;
  • This change was done by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and the first aircraft to the Air Force was entrusted in February 2015. BrahMos could be launched from fighter ships and land before this.

Akash Missile System:

  • Indigenously developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) under the Integrated Guided-Missile Development Programme (IGMDP)
  • Mid-range surface-to-air anti-aircraft missile
  • Supersonic speeds ranging from Mach 2.8 to 3.5.
  • It can reach an altitude of 18 km and can be fired from both tracked and wheeled platforms.
  • It has a Nuclear warhead while hitting the target.
  • It is multi target, multi directional, all weather air-defence system consisting of surveillance and tracking radars.
  • Akash is powered by Ramjet-rocket propulsion system.
  • The Akash-MK-1S is capable of striking down enemy fighter jets and drones very effectively and accurately.

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