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adolescent girls - Shanmugam IAS academy in coimbatore
adolescent girls


What’s in news?

In a written reply, the details about the Kishori Health Cards was informed in Lok Sabha.

Key data’s:

  • Informed by: The details of the Kishori Health Cards were informed by Smriti Rani, the Minister for Women and Child Development.
  • Maintained by: The Health Cards were maintained by the state/UTs government.
  • Details in the card: The Health card covers the following data of;
    • Weight, height, Body Mass Index (BMI) along with other services provided under the scheme “KISHORI SHAKTI YOJANA”.
    • The details of achievements/outcomes made under the scheme are marked on Kishori Health Card.
    • The card also carries important milestones of Adolescent Girls’ life including mainstreaming them into the schools.
  • Information from the State Governments:
    • Uttar Pradesh – At present 20 projects operating and per project 100 Kishori Health Cards were distributed in the Anganwadi Centres.
    • Madhya Pradesh – The details of Kishori Health Cards are not being maintained in the State.


  • Initiated by: The scheme was initiated by the Ministry of Women and Child Development.
  • Launched year: The scheme was launched in 2007.
  • Aim: The scheme aimed at;

Empowering the adolescent girls, to motivate them to be self-reliant, assist them in studies and vocation, promote health care, and give them exposure to society for gaining knowledge so that they can grow into responsible citizens.

  • Objective:The broad objectives of the Scheme are to improve the nutritional, health and development status of adolescent girls, promote awareness of health, hygiene, nutrition and family care, link them to opportunities for learning life skills, going back to school, help them gain a better understanding of their social environment and take initiatives to become productive members of the society.
  • Beneficiary: The beneficiary of the scheme is the juvenile girls belong to the age group of 11-18 years.
  • This scheme is a redesign of the already existing Adolescent Girls (AG) Scheme being implemented as a component under the centrally sponsored Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Scheme.

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